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We are today having a look at our next review object, something that became very popular a few years ago and because it was different, had great cooling performance and was a bit adventurous, giving the feel of danger.

Well maybe not that much, but water together with electricity is pretty much the same as sticking your fingers into a power outlet, not a very smart idea.

However some clever guy came up with a thought, "Hey, why don't we use water-cooling in our home computers to boost our performance?" and then began building homemade water blocks.

Together with pumps from fish tanks, hoses for other use and a radiator from a car he then put it all together into a water-cooling package for his computer. I don't know about the results of that, more than it must have been very successful and as a result we have several companies today who compete about the best water-cooling parts.

Swiftech is one of those companies and they have been kind enough to send out a kit to us for testing.

Head over to next page to find out what this package consist of.

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