Article: Netgear RN212 NAS storage
Having a look at one of the latest addition to the Netgear line of NAS units. The RN212 features not only two drive bays but great performance and add-on functionality.
Article: Netgear Arlo Q
Testing a Netgear Arlo Q security camera.
Article: Roccat Ryos MK Pro
A powerful keyboard with lots of functionality
Article: Roccat Kova
Worlds most beautiful mouse tested?
Netgear RN212 NAS storage
Having a look at one of the latest addition to the Netgear line of NAS units. The RN212 features not only two drive bays but great performance and add-on functionality.
Netgear Arlo Q
The next camera in the Arlo series from Netgear. It features not only solid power but also 24/7 recording and excellent videoquality, stored in the free cloud.
Wobbly Jungle
Wobbly Jungle offers hours of solo gaming fun as well as vivid rivalries concerning the fastest time and the most effective approach. The sugar-sweet optics are in strong contrast with the demanding challenges.
The Park on PS4 and XBOX One
The Park, Funcom's single-player psychological horror experience, is launching on Playstation 4 and XBOX One on May 3rd, 2016
Arcade Game Series
Longing for those old games that are hardly available today if you dont own some old hardware? Four classic arcade games are coming back on the 20th of April.
Stellaris now available for Pre-Order
Stellaris challenges players to explore a new universe and establish an empire across the stars, venturing into new territory for Paradox’s traditionally historical games
Asterix and Friends
Build your own Gaulish village in Asterix’s world. Embark on an epic adventure, explore the world, join forces with your friends and create powerful guilds to fight back the Roman army.
Motoranch VR46
Take part in the engaging Flat Track races, compete in Dritta e Rovescia, experience the adrenaline of the Americana and be part of one of the most exclusive event of the year called EnduRanch.
Dark Souls III Released
Bandai Namco today released Dark Souls III, the latest chapter of the critically acclaimed DARK SOULS series.
Roccat Ryos MK Pro
Roccat Ryos MK Pro is on the testbench today and it is a full-size keyboard with brown Cherry MX switches, featuring per-key illumination, high speed processors, anti-ghosting and more.
Roccat Kova
Taking a look at possibly the most beautiful mouse in the world. With a few additional features, it might be a worthy mouse. Check the review to find out more!
WASD Keyboards keycap kit
Getting tired of all black keycaps? Do you have your own idea of how a keyboard should look like? Be sure to check out our review on how to customize with lots of options.
CityNetwork aquires Fragnet
Fragnet has been acquired by CityNetwork, a leading European provider of online services such as webhosting and cloudservice. With this purchase, CityNetwork is now on top of the game hosting service as well.
TrendNet TK-214i
Thinking of getting a third, fourth or fifth screen just for a second computer? Why not reuse one of your screens by using a KVM switch.
The Escapists - Santa's Sweatshop
Team17 releases a free Christmas DLC for the Escapists which features a brand new type of challenge.
Noctua Chromax
Noctua has released some very functional and colorful vibration dampening items for fans. These should help reduce the vibrations, a lot!
BitFenix Pandora ATX
BitFenix has released yet another stylish case. It features great thinking when it comes to watercooling enthusiasts and it also features a display in the front.
CableMod opens EU store
CableMod finally opens up a european store, which is great for all us europeans. Cheaper shippings costs and no customs to talk about, perfect!
Brother P-touch P750W
Are you one of those who like to keep things organized? I'm such a person and I love labels, especially when they look nice. Today we're having a go at a label maker from Brother.
Cooler Master Swift-RX L review
Today we’re having a look at the Swift-RX mousemat from Cooler Master, in size L. They have different sizes for these mats and we have the XL version waiting for a review soon to come as well.
Cooler Master Nepton 120XL
Today we’re having a look at a watercooling kit from Cooler Master, namely the Nepton 120XL. The kit is an all in one solution that makes it very easy to install watercooling on your system.
Lenco L85
Today we're having a look at the Lenco L85 vinyl record player. An "ancient" technology (not really) that is coming back big! We will test the player and compare the audio to the online music libraries of today
Felix 3D Printer V3

Today, after quite a long hiatus due to various technical issues which I will not get into here, we have a great new product review with a computer oriented product, but something more exotic and special than our regular product reviews.

That’s right, we have a 3D printer on our testbench which we actually received in late 2014, so we’ve been able to test, tweak and use the printer to print out amazing things.

Join us for the first article in a series covering 3D printing.

Strike Suit Zero - Discount

OnLive and Born Ready Games are offering a 75% discount on Strike Suit Zero and a free month of the new "Play Anywhere" CloudLift service until 21st March.

Read on to find out more about the game and how to get what seems to be a really awesome game!

Trust Jukebar
In need of portable music? Don't want to carry a ton? This is one small speaker with excellent sound and great batterytime!
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