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Antec Sonata Plus 550

By Christopher Fredriksson
Published February 08, 2008

We are today taking a look at our next computer chassis. This time also from Antec and it’s their new Sonata Plus 550 computer case that we have in our test lab today.

The Sonata series is placed in their silence series of computer chassis which by default should lower the noise from various computer components.



Sonata Plus 550 comes in a white stylish paper box, well protected from shocks and with a cloth like cover inside to cover the mirror like surface that is found on the sides, top and even the bottom. Even if the bottom does not offer the same kind of mirror as the other sides, it’s quite nice.

The back of the package shows us some information in three different languages about the product inside. It also tells us that we should find a 550W power supply inside. The contents of this package are also RoHS compliant.

On next page we’ll take a look at the product itself.


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