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Boogie Bug AIMB.PAD / XL mousepads

By Christopher Fredriksson
Published November 30, 2007

The review today is about something that you can be without, but you really shouldn’t be without as they make your work much easier by your computer. I’m talking about mouse mats.

Today you can find mouse mats in several different materials, sizes and colours. They are made out of cloth, rubber, plastic even glass. You can even get mats with LED lights if you need some companion lights in the dark when killing your enemies in your favourite online game.

Our review today contains two mouse mats. One is a normal one and the other is a giant. They have a few things in common; they come from the same manufacturer, they are black, they are soft and have a rubber base.



They also have the characteristic logo of Boogie Bug. That’s right, the manufacturer is Boogie Bug. A company that offers case fans, neon lights and also mouse mats.

It is the AIMB.PAD and the AIMB.PADXL that we have for review and while the first one seems like a normal mouse mat, the second really is an XL version.

Inside the packages our mouse mats are rolled which make them a little different than hard mouse pads as they can take less space and that gives the manufacturer a little more room for creativity for the package.



The XL version comes in a large tube with a removable top which makes it pretty easy to get it out, while the normal mouse mat comes in a dangerous, semi hard, break-in-proof plastic wrapping. But equipped with a knife, the package is just seconds away from the garbage bin.


The normal one is just about the size of a SteelSeries S&S pad but the difference is that the S&S is made out of hard plastic while the AIMB.PAD mats are made out of soft cloth material which claims to be very good for sliding your mouse over.

The underside of the AIMB.PADs is just as the S&S, rubber covered to make sure that the mouse mats doesn’t run away while using them.

When writing this review, the mouse pads have already been tested for a week with hardcore gaming, precision painting in our favourite painting program and also normal day-to-day use.

During the tests we used a Logitech MX518, which is an optical gaming mouse. The normal use of the mats feels like any other working mouse mat, but the feeling of having a cloth mouse mat under your wrist is very welcome.


Compared to SteelSeries S&S, which is hard plastic, it feels more comfortable with a cloth mat. But the performance of the AIMB.PADs is pretty much exactly the same as the S&S mouse pad.

Both the AIMB.PADs is washable so you can clean them after your gaming sessions is over. Also it’s good to wash them a little once in a while to guarantee best performance while using them.

Together with the AIMB.PADs you get a wristband to use if you get a little too sweaty. During the testing period I never had to use any of the supplies wristbands though ;)


But it’s a nice feature.

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